Resonance is the key to everything...

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A new theory of everything received by Dutch UFO contactee Stefan Denaerde.
This model is based on 3D TIME resonance.
It explains our current physics and more:
as a real TOE it also explains the spirit world and answers deeply philosofical questions.




Some (demo) songs composed and mostly performed by me.
Sound/Music is of course mainly a matter of resonance.



See some amazing orbs and other light phenomena
on pictures from my birthday party.




Software: Music Tutor! .

The background you see here is created by Resodraw, a program still in development.
It is based on rotating vectors, the origin of one being the endpoint of the other.
The x-y frequencies can be varied as well as the length of the vectors.
This gives some very interesting and sometimes beautiful graphics, that can be used as backgrounds, etc....