The model as presented by Denaerde has far reaching implications and consequences.

The concept of the time-axis, where time flows backwards and forwards needs further attention.

Matter is driven by 2 timeflows, one from the past to the future and one from the future to the past.

The flow from the future can explain why life exists at all and why life is capable of going against the flow of entropy (always trying to maintain the lowest state of energy).

Take for example a tree. It grows and evolves. It does this by chemical reactions. Chemical reactions in general can only take place if enough energy is fed in the form of photons. So one could say, that EVERY chemical reaction is a photo-chemical reaction.
From Feynman we know that photons have no time direction - it cannot be distingusished if a photon comes from the past or from the future.
(By contrast: an electron always moves forward in time, while an anti-electron or positron moves backward in time.)
The growing, living tree gets the right fotons for its chemical reactions from the future, where the next phase of the plant already exists!

So the image or film of the evolving tree exists outside of space and time.
This is an alternative explanation of Rupert Sheldrake's morphic fields, BTW.

At this point it is good to remember one of the basic premises of the theory:

The nothing is the summation of all possibilities, of all frequencies.
The life of our tree was already there, as possibility.
Given the right conditions (sunlight, location, etc) the tree then grows.
These conditions are resonances with the surrounding universe of the tree, either amplifying or diminishing certain possibilities along the time axis.