Stefan Denaerde

Cosmic Unified Field Theory.

How it started.

More than 25 years ago appeared an amazing book in the Netherlands: ´Buitenaardse Beschaving´ (Extraterrestrial Civilization) from Stefan Denaerde. (Known in English as : "UFO contact from planet Iarga")
It describes the confrontation of the author with the race from the planet Jarga (Iarga). It was written as a novel (although it is a true story) and illustrated by a well known Dutch technical illustrator (Rudolf Das).

Sailing with his ship in Dutch waters, Mr. Denaerde (not his real name) bumped into something which was hidden underwater. When he sees someone floating in the water he comes to the rescue of what later appears to be an astronaut. This rescue was a test for him and after the initial shock he gets in contact with the Jargans who invite him for a three day learning session inside their submerged saucer.

Via a 3D screen and a radiation ´head set´ he learns about the Jargan culture, philosophy and technical achievements. Through the concepts of extreme efficiency and justice he is taken to the Jargans love for the Omni-Creativity (our word for ´God´ is too poor) and their striving to be one with it.
This ´carrier field´ of the Universe supports everything (matter, time, consiousnes), and by applying this knowledge it makes interstellar space travel possible.
It appears that the goal of a civilization is to create a socially stable supercivilization. Discriminations of any kind no longer exist. Resources and wealth are available for everyone, but not as a goal as such, but to enable everyone to grow spiritually.

There is much more to this book. Anyone interested can find an interview with Denaerde by Wendell Stevens, as well as several chapters from the book on this link. (This also contains the 2nd book of Denaerde!)
From this interview it appears that the contact has continued for many years in telepathic form. A lot of highly technical information has been given in this way, which resulted in the second book:

The Universal Creation. (In Dutch: ´de Universele Schepping´)

This appeared about 20 years after his first book. It describes in one theory the origin of the Universe, matter, time, consciousness, the Universal goal for any civilization, the history and possible (very bright) future of mankind, in one word : a TOE (theory of everything).
The atmosphere of the book is totally different: the first book had something like ´you don't have to believe this has happened, it could be hypothetical´. The Universal Creation is much more direct and confronts us with a direct proof of its contents, because the authors (Stefan and his ´brother´ Christian Denaerde) express that it is high time that science and religion are united again.
The Universal Creation comes with an appendix ´Cosmic Unified Theory´- in English!- which goes into much detail about the new physical model. Recently this information is available on CR-Rom, to be ordered at the Cosmic Field Paradigm foundation. This essay is mainly about the appendix and the CD-Rom.

The creation out of the nothing.

According to the Cosmic Field (CF) model there existed prior to the creation (or big bang) vibrations of infinite frequency and amplitude in every time direction.
The act of creation was the blocking of the infinite waves by interference to form waves of finite frequency and amplitude. In order for matter and energy or anything to exist, there must be an equal counterbalancing vibration. Also time direction has to be counterbalanced. Think of a time axis as two pieces of mini model rail which are connected via a motor, which can move the rails back and forth say over 1 cm. If you place a wagon on one of the rails which has a catch wheel that catches only the forward movement of the rails, you will see the wagon move forward. Another wagon, placed in the opposite direction on the other rail will also move forwards, thus the two wagons will separate from each other. So the rails can be seen as a time axis, where time moves back and forth. The wagon represents matter, which can only catch one time direction through a property called spin.
One time axis is not sufficient: to counterbalance everything and to cause a a feedback mechanism a 3D time structure is needed in the form of a tetra-eder.

This implies that there exist 6 time axes (each with a back and forward movement in time) and thus 12 universes. These universes cannot be seen, but some aspects like the time frequencies can be sensed by our atoms. (BTW, this might explain the missing mass problem in cosmology: our universe still senses the mass of the other 11 universes, that is why 90% of the mass is unexplained..)

The picture shows the arrangement of the time axes. The center of each axis (depicted by a small circle) can be considered as T=0. The two flywheels (drawn on one axis only) represent the spin direction of matter. In our direct anti-universe (on the same time axis) the direction of time is opposite, but also the spin of the matter particles. This means that everything is mirrored, and living beings in the anti-universe experience time as moving forward, just like we. In fact time moves in two directions along an axis, but matter has a sort of rectifying effect - it only picks up the forward going time.

The 60 degrees angle between the time axes is necessary to have an harmonic ratio between our time axis and the time axis of the other universes.

Our time direction is T1. Another time direction is T2. The angle of 60 degrees makes T1=2*T2, thus giving an harmonic ratio of 1:2.

The carrier field model has several functions, such as:

It is an infinitely strong force field, blocked in itself. It is a loss free conduction medium for all waves. The counter balancing of everything implies that the universes are locked in an iron grip: the spins in one universe are exactly the same and opposite to the spins of the anti universes. It also means that there cannot be one atom more in a universe, which is not present in the 11 other universes. (this does not mean that all the 12 universes have to be the same).

The model is also an image of the universal atom: When applied at a very small scale Denaerde explains the basic building blocks to form matter.

The flywheels can represent the total mass in one universe or just the mass of one atom. The 3D time structure of the pyramid is present in all matter: you could imagine the center of the pyramid being in a star, a galaxy, etc. The 11 other universes are not observable, but they could occupy the same 3D space. The model demonstrates beautifully that matter, time and energy are just properties of one universe (1/12th of the whole). Summing all the properties of the pyramid results in nothing. (The big bang theory fails to explain where the initial energy came from)

The Double rotating central bar.

Denaerde introduces the concept of a magnetic bar, which touches 2 opposite ribs in the pyramid. This induces a flux in the loss free time axis. This is a very important concept and it takes a while to understand it. The bar needs to rotate around two axes simultaneously (Fig. 3) in order to create alternating fluxes in the pyramid ribs (which still represent time axes). The rotating movement repeats itself in 6 time-steps.

Denaerde calls this configuration a building element. Next we will see that from these building elements one can derive the fundamental elementary particles : electron, quark and neutrino.

The two fundamental building blocks

By adding the initial building block at different time steps (adding three bar rotors) it can be derived that there are two possibilities. These are called central rotors of the first and second kind. (figures 4 and 5). The central rotor of the first kind gives a fixed alternating flux pattern in the ribs of the pyramid. (Try it out!)

The second possibility is called a central rotor of the second kind.

The rotor of the first kind is similar to the ELECTRON.
The rotor of the second kind is similar to the QUARK.

Don´t forget, the pyramid ribs represent time axes. (Note: Denaerde uses capitals to distinguish from the real particles in 3D space.)

Three QUARKS added together give a PROTON. (Figure 6)

A QUARK and an "anti time" QUARK or the ELECTRON and the "anti time" ELECTRON (positron) can be distinguished by the c.w. or anti c.w. rotation of the central rotors. Dipoles of opposite rotation destroy each other.
Fig 6 shows that adding the PROTON and the ELECTRON gives the neutral H-ATOM.
The mass difference between electron and proton can be explained by different rotation frequencies of the dipoles.

Denaerde then continues to describe several NEUTRON groups which can be formed. This is rather complicated and requires a lot of pictures to visualize, so I would rather skip this. (For anyone interested, I strongly recommend to order the CD!)
The outcome is, that the NEUTRON in the Carrier Field model has 4 QUARKS.
This gives a NEUTRON with a zero external flux. The model explains why the neutron is not stable in free space, while the electron and proton are.

It can easily be seen that to the CF model a QUARK has a unit of charge of 1/3 of the ELECTRON, if charge is defined as the external flux in the pyramid ribs. Charge is related to a symmetry axis of the pyramid. The CF model predicts that charge is not constant in time and that there are two types of charge for a matter particle (e.g. electron): North and South charge. Due to the time switching mechanism we don´t detect this.

A NEUTRON consisting of 4 central rotors of the 2nd kind can be converted into a PROTON (3 rotors of the 2nd kind) and an ELECTRON (1 rotor of the 1st kind).
What is left over is the NEUTRINO : a free dipole in the carrier field.

In order for the particles to exist in space and time, a grid is needed which carries the complex flux patterns. Denaerde comes to a grid consisting of two pyramids stacked together. The top one is inverted and rotated 60 degrees, while its top touches the base of the other pyramid (sunken). The size of the pyramids is in the order of h (Plank´s constant, normalised to length). All particles have more or less the same size in parametric space (space as we know it).

Further Implications

We come now to the more profound meanings of the model. This subject I describe very condensed (without further proof, although the subject is described in great detail in the appendix).

The double rotating central bar has an additional degree of freedom. This results in a second gravitational field, which we cannot directly observe. So there are two kinds of gravity.
The CF model talks about ideal Black Holes and White Radiators. Black Holes have a function to stabilize the universes. As said before, the mass (energy) in all 12 universes must be exactly the same. Still the mass distribution can be different, but only thanks to black holes. B.H´s and W.R´s are present in the corners of the pyramid frame. In one time step, our time direction faces the Black Hole, while our anti-universe´s time direction faces the White Radiator. The next time step our time direction faces the White Radiator. In the next time step it is the null-energy flux.
White Radiators are generators of mass and energy, but have no mass of their own. It generates the exact opposite type of gravity which nullifies with normal gravity.
A pair of BH and WR belongs to each reality. The ideal Black Holes (and there counterpart the WR) in the CF model must have spin. The normal black hole as known from General Relativity Theorie is discussed also.

The formation of a pair of BH and WR (also called a macroscopic quantum mirror or black mirror) is then proven to be a non natural object : it could only have formed by an act of intelligence. Intelligent life is a necessary condition in the formation of the universe! According to the CF model, the black mirrors are formed by the collective mind power of an intelligent race.

Another important consequence is that the time history (knowledge) of the universe is laid down in the quantum gravitation fields. This is one of the reasons why the universe expands: to record the time history. In other words, the time history of a matter system, determined by an increase of entropy, is converted into information in the quantum gravity field. Intelligent life interferes with and modifies the quantum gravity fields (creativity).

The two types of gravity fields represent the matter-bound and emotional (or soul-bound) energy fields. The creation of the macroscopic quantum mirror is the final goal of an intelligent race. It is called the all-might manifestation of the race and it can only be initiated by enough minds working together to create the mirror - which means nothing less than the recognition and identification of the Love poles which carry the universe...


Everything written here is in my own words. Pictures were made by me. Therefore, copyright has not been violated.