Why Denaerde?

In my opinion the Stefan Denaerde contact case is the most detailed and consistent case in UFO literature.
There have been other cases, like the UMMO case, Daniel Fry, Billy Meyer, etc.
(BTW, the UMMO aliens are slightly less advanced than the Jargans (and certainly without any humor) but they confirmed that the pyramide model is for real.)

You can spend your whole life in UFO groups, looking at more or less vague pictures and videos, trying to guess what is going on, but if you want real answers, read Denaerde.

I am aware that the book is presented as a hypothetical case. This was a demand from the publisher. Denaerde maintained all his life that what had happened was true. And besides that, the message is more important than the question: is it true?

It feels true, and it most likely is, but that is not important. We can learn a lot from the insights that were given to Denaerde in the areas of religion, science and philosophy. The reason that the technical information makes so much sense is probably because Stefan Denaerde (and his 'brother' Christian) were technically well educated (engineering and physics). And that is a good thing. Imagine you receive highly technical information from a civilization that is thousands of years ahead of us, would you understand it?

Even now, the pyramid model is not yet fully understood. The mathematical formalism is far from complete.
On one hand the model is very simple (that's the beauty of it), but on the other hand it has to be translated into our current understanding of physics. That is that task at hand. It might be you!