Lesson 2: Scale and chords of G - Transition chord to V

The next scale we will study is the key of G. As you notice there is one black key in it, the f# (f sharp).

Why did we choose the key of G after C? The note 'g' is five notes above the 'c' - a fifth. The 'circle of fifths' is a system, where each successive step gets one more sharp (#). C had none, G has 1 sharp. In our next lesson we will learn the key of D - a fifth above G, and this key has 2 sharps, and so on.

The main chords of G are I, IV and V (1, 4 and 5), which are G, C and D7. Here are these chords in other voicings.

Exercise: play 'My bonny' in G, with these voicings in the left hand, and the melody with the right hand.

Transition chords

We can add an interesting chord now to 'My bonny', a transition chord.

We play it in C and at a certain point we want to go to G. There is one chord that 'wants to go to' G and that is D(7). That is because D7 is the 5th degree of G.