Lesson 4: Scale and chords of A - Chord sequence I-VI-IV-V

Since the key of D had 2 sharps, the key of A has 3 .

Here are the chords of A. Or, in another voicing:

Now we can play 'My Bonny' in D, with the transition chord to A(7), which is E7.

Chord sequence I-VI-IV-V

Time for a nice chord sequence: 1-6-4-5, played in C. In lesson 1 we explained that the 6th degree of C is Am. So the chord sequence I-VI-IV-V (1-6-4-5) in C would be C-Am-F-G(7): This is a sequence that is used in many songs.

Examples are:'Mister postman', 'Speedy Gonzalez', 'Crocodile Rock', and many more.

We add a bass to it (played with the left hand) and play it a bit faster:

So what would this sequence be when played in the key of G? In lesson 2 we have seen the G scale. The degrees of G also follow this scale - remember, we have one sharp, the f#: We see that the sixth degree of G is Em.

So the 1-6-4-5 sequence in G becomes G Em C D(7) :